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The Environment

 Going Green 

In April of 2007 Guardian Eagle Security inc. officially went GREEN! we wanted to do our part to improve the environment. Our first step was the development of our Environmental Policy. It is the aim of this Policy that in all our business dealings we act in an environmentally responsible manner, In accordance with Guardian Eagle's environmental policy, our environmental management system ensures a process of continual improvement as well as compliance with legal regulations and voluntary commitments.

Recycled Paper
Using less paper and switching to recycled paper result in many environmental benefits, such as using fewer resources, producing less pollution and encouraging sustainable forestry practices.

Multi-function Devices
In 2007, we deployed Multi-Function Device (MFDs) technology which had already been successfully implemented in all office locations. Replacing stand alone faxes, printers and scanners, the Energy Star rated devices possess paper saving features, use re-manufactured components, have a low use of toner and possess energy saving measures. Wherever possible the devices are set to double-sided and multiple- page default settings reducing paper usage. For example, a 17.5% paper reduction was observed from pre-contract to post-contract in our headquarters. Regular training sessions regarding double sided printing to both new joiners and existing staff is provided in many offices.

Technical Improvements
Guardian Eagle implemented technical improvements in its output management in all office locations. A large number of internal lists previously available only in printed form were replaced by electronic versions. As a result, the number of pages printed decreased 65% in 2007. As for external client output, new packaging machines have increased the maximum amount of sheets per envelope from ten to sixteen.



Waste is one of the most visible environmental impacts of in-house operations, and recycling initiatives help to encourage staff engagement. A new or enhanced office programs have been introduced in all major office locations as follow:


Waste reduction, recycling and recovery

Enhanced office recycling programs continue to develop in all major office locations. Some examples of the items recycled or recovered are provided below:

  • Metal Recycling
    A new process was developed for recycling all metal office furniture. The metals collected, were previously sent to landfill and are now systematically being reclaimed. Guardian Eagle receives funds for all metals recycled and these in turn, are used for ongoing environmental projects.

  • IT Waste
    We continue to look for responsible and sustainable ways of disposing of waste electronic equipment.

Greening Food services

We have initiated a series of programs in partnership with its food service vendor, which encourages employees to reduce their environmental impact. Below is a brief description of two illustrative programs which were implemented in 2007.

  • Personal Mug
    A personal mug program (instead of Styrofoam cups) has been implemented in all office locations. This program encourages Guardian Eagle employees to use their own ceramic/plastic mug (any size) at the fountain soda or coffee urns.

  • Green Serviettes
    Napkin dispensers were added in all office locations which only allow a person to pull one napkin at a time.

Used Toner Recycling Program

Used printer, fax machine, and copy machine cartridges comprise a bulky portion of the office waste stream. The plastic used in each toner cartridge contains approximately one half quart of oil. Guardian Eagle has implemented a program to recycle toner cartridges and now only purchases re-manufactured cartridges. Toner cartridges are collected by staff and recycled through a 3rd Party contractor. Where possible toners are refilled (off site by the contractor) and reused onsite.

We invite and encourage you to go green today to make a difference tomorrow, because after all...Green is for Tomorrow!

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